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The unique performance project of Richard Wagner’s »Der Ring des Nibelungen« enters its second round: after the successful premiere and tour of »Das Rheingold« in 2023, the focus in 2024 is on »Die Walküre«, as the project continues its historically informed performance of the famous tetralogy. For the first time, the opera will be examined and rehearsed at the cutting edge where academic research meets theatrical practice, creating a spectacular link between current Wagner research and performance practice. The lively exchange among musicians and leading academic experts of various disciplines promises trendsetting and intriguing results of this resounding workshop.

Artistic Direction

Kent Nagano

»With ›Die Walküre‹, we intensify our efforts: not only will further experts support us in examining aspects such as tempo, source materials and rhetoric, but issues such as Wagner’s notions of femininity will also be scrutinized, for which a work such as ›Die Walküre‹ offers a good basis for discussion. First and foremost, however, we will dedicate ourselves to Wagner’s revolutionary innovations in orchestral practice: brand-new at the time, the orchestral colours and textures he developed went far beyond the limitations of contemporary musical practice – and that also applies to his treatment of vocalism. His open form enabled him to revolutionize dramatic expression and narration. That is our point of departure, to make all that audible and experience Wagner’s ›Ring‹ in a completely different way!«

Jan Vogler

»For the Dresdner Musikfestspiele, ›The Wagner Cycles‹ is a visionary project, newly initiated in the Wagner city of Dresden. Involving musicologists, musicians and singers from all over Europe, led by Kent Nagano, ›Die Walküre‹ is now being examined academically anew, studied in workshops and rehearsals, and performed in concert. Dresden is the city where Wagner attended the Kreuzschule, later worked as general music director and finally was wanted by the police for being a
revolutionary. Here, academic research and performance practice meet history and tradition. We are proud and delighted that this fascinating project will contribute to a new understanding of Richard Wagner’s music.«

Dates »Die Walküre«

MARCH 09, 2024Prague State Opera (Premiere) 
MARCH 16, 2024Amsterdam Concertgebouw 
MARCH 24, 2024Kölner Philharmonie 
MAY 01, 2024Elbphilharmonie Hamburg 
MAY 09, 2024Dresdner Musikfestspiele 
AUGUST 21, 2024Lucerne FestivalTickets