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»Musix« — Music Plus X

MUSIK PLUS X – the education program for all generations of the Dresden Music Festival – invites you to make exciting discoveries around music, to delve into new realms of sound, to become creative yourself and to build connections with music. »MUSIX« aims to spread enthusiasm and knowledge and open up dialogues with other disciplines. »MUSIX« wants to both confront and open doors, through playful confrontation with music, new aesthetic experiences, exciting encounters and discussion, the opportunity to surprise yourself, get involved and become inspired, and through new and exciting formats.

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Music & Talk | Join in Projects | »Experience« |»Experience4Kids«

Music & Talk

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Wheter it's a relaxing conclusion of a concert evening including the the opportunity to chat to the artists, rehearsal visits, backstage insights or workshops to prepare for an exciting evening: »EXPERIENCE« invites to unconventional encounters with classical music, the music business and the artists. The concert series combines classical music with exclusive insights into the world of the artists. With one ticket you can visit a selected concert of the Dresden Music Festival  and a corresponding fringe program.

»BOHÈME 2020«

The project »Bohème 2020« was founded in 2014. The idea of Festival Intendant Jan Vogler was to invite young creative artists of different genres and nationalities to Dresden, giving them the opportunity for free and interdisciplinary artistic work within the Dresden Music Festival.
In 2020, »Bohème 2020« will be formed for the last time featuring artists of the past six seasons.

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